Night kayaking in Scotland

December 14, 2018

Short days but often clear skies, enjoy the most out of the nights, go kayaking in Scotland!


Sounds a bit mad, doesn't it but here is why you should try it:


1. Stay happy - so many of us feel really unwell due to shorter daylight. You getting up and it's dark, finishing work and it's dark again, 5pm feels like the middle of the night. Sounds familiar? 


Get out, do some form of activity, a short walk, see friends, go running, enjoy the outdoors. Night kayaking would a great alternative to our lives.


2. Do something different - don't wait until the weekend, create a mid-week adventure! It's cold out there, so wrap up warm but we can use our stable, double kayaks, so no swimming ahead! :) Never done it before, not a problem. The choice of the locations would suit your abilities.