Cycling, llamas & history - #FridayToGo is here!

November 23, 2017

 So let us help you to plan your weekend ahead...


Did you know a new cycling group has been launched in Perthshire & Angus offering FREE guidance and cycling leading, suitable for any ability riders?

Rosie, our friend, has launched Breeze Networking group. This is a nation project supported by British Cycling and HSBC. They are taking people out, in small groups on tracks, trails and road in our are as well. Have a look for some upcoming events which you are very welcome to join. Follow this link to their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BreezeNetworkPershireAngus/


If you rather go for a walk, change something, add a new twist, take part in... llama trekking in Scotland! Offered in Glenshee area by Simon & Fiona from EcoCamp Glenshee. This is a spectacular idea to explore the Cateran Trail or other, nearby paths and stunning viewpoints located in Southern Cairngorms. Check couple of the pictures (borrowed from their Twitter page, www.twitter.com/grumpyllamaman). Give it a go, you will love it! :)



For those who can't get out this weekend, how about something to read? Have you tried trail running yet? A new edition of Scottish Trail Running just came out and it's available in our store, The Barony (PH11 8AF Alyth) to buy or by contacting us directly, info@outdoorexplore.co.uk. You will be able to order them online as of next week on our page as well! A really good read, very motivating with a lot of useful information. Price £15.99