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Explore Scottish cities, go kayaking in Perth & Dundee!

Mighty River Tay, the longest one in Scotland, connects to major cities, Perth and Dundee. For thousands of years these waters were used for trade, travel, fishing, as boundary and even an escape route by king Robert the Bruce when he swam it across!

Each year Outdoor Explore is fortunate enough to explore these waters from the kayak perspective. Did you know how much wildlife you can see in the cities itself?

On our guided tours in Perth we often have seen otters, beavers, kingfishers and ospreys! When kayaking in Dundee we noticed many times seals and dolphins, just in the heart of the city! Pretty amazing if you ask me...

Both venues are 25 miles apart but the tide from the North Sea reaches Perth City, so take that as a major consideration when planning your trip. That's why we decided to use our sea, touring and even tandem boats rather other types of crafts to explore here. They provide us with better speed not compromising on comfort and stability (particularly the double sea kayaks).

You can travel between the cities as well. Much more remote, offering some stunning scenery for those venturing for a full day rather than a shorter city break trips.

For me it's actually history and heritage from the ancient times to modern era which brings me to Perth or Dundee for kayaking for quite few years now. With Perth Museum on one end and opening in 2018 V&A Museum in Dundee assisting our knowledge you really can embrace true Scottish heritage when you are visiting the area.

Did you hear about North Inch Battle? Do you know where Roman's ships where docking in Perth? Have you heard of the Carpow log boat, over 3000 years old, found in the Tay? Do you know what Tay Rail Bridge is (un)famous for? So many facts, stories and legends. So now, winter time we learn, every year, more and more, so we can pass you all this knowledge on our guided kayak tours. We are fortunate to meet some great historians and enthusiasts like us, who love sharing their stories.

Outdoor Explore offers guided tours and outdoor activities in Central Scotland. Often in remote places but with a water basin in Perth, we can re-visit the city any time of the year and take you on a kayak tour, history and wildlife focused trip at the time to suit you! Just contact us for details; info@outdoorexplore.co.uk or 07904 324 102

Few more pictures from both cities below and a link to our You Tube channel, where you can find sites of dolphins, ospreys and beavers during our kayak trips in Perth and Dundee area;

You Tube link

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