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Cycling, llamas & history - #FridayToGo is here!

So let us help you to plan your weekend ahead...

Did you know a new cycling group has been launched in Perthshire & Angus offering FREE guidance and cycling leading, suitable for any ability riders?

Rosie, our friend, has launched Breeze Networking group. This is a nation project supported by British Cycling and HSBC. They are taking people out, in small groups on tracks, trails and road in our are as well. Have a look for some upcoming events which you are very welcome to join. Follow this link to their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BreezeNetworkPershireAngus/

If you rather go for a walk, change something, add a new twist, take part in... llama trekking in Scotland! Offered in Glenshee area by Simon & Fiona from EcoCamp Glenshee. This is a spectacular idea to explore the Cateran Trail or other, nearby paths and stunning viewpoints located in Southern Cairngorms. Check couple of the pictures (borrowed from their Twitter page, www.twitter.com/grumpyllamaman). Give it a go, you will love it! :)

For those who can't get out this weekend, how about something to read? Have you tried trail running yet? A new edition of Scottish Trail Running just came out and it's available in our store, The Barony (PH11 8AF Alyth) to buy or by contacting us directly, info@outdoorexplore.co.uk. You will be able to order them online as of next week on our page as well! A really good read, very motivating with a lot of useful information. Price £15.99

Finally, a recommendation to look into the ancient Scottish History. A very interactive museum, suitable for all ages at the edge of Loch Tay - The Scottish Crannog Centre (http://www.crannog.co.uk/). This is not just an iconic location for photographs but also inspiring us to submerge ourselves into the ancient times and experience how people used to thrive in Scotland. The venue is easy to find, open all year round and often offering special events, so it's worth visiting more than once. Have a look yourself. We, at Outdoor Explore are often going touring kayaking and canoeing nearby as well.

Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tuned for some epic events by Outdoor Explore, sign up to our newsletter - you can find the detail at 'contact us' section on our website www.outdoorexplore.co.uk

Piotr, Outdoor Explore

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