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Time for #FridayToGo

So here is our new source of inspiration for you to follow, share and use of course.

Outdoor Explore mini campaign #FridayToGo adding some great locations to explore on foot, bike or on the water. Places to stay, eat, experience...

We are starting this series in November as many of us is missing a great opportunity this time of the year, by not exploring enough, just missing the summer and hoping for snowy winter to come.

We hope you did have a chance to see northern lights in Scotland in the last couple of weeks. Living in Perthshire allowing us fairly easily find a dark location, with little light pollution, looking north, ideally from a hill... Even better when you are kayaking at the same time.

This weekend coming chances for this are slightly less but still clear skies, so a great opportunity for star gazing awaits!

If you would like to stay tuned for Aurora alerts follow publications by Lancaster University. Their Facebook page is probably a good start - with the link here.

If you are near Dundee you can always visit Mills Observatory with quite well packed programme for the winter coming as well - here is more info

Weather this weekend is expected to be quite nice, hence no surprise we are off kayaking in Perthshire. Today, night kayaking at Loch Faskally, Sunday we are taking a river trip down the might Tay to Dunkeld. Have you visited this lovely village in the heart of Perthshire yet?

Plenty to explore, see and do. This time, we will be stopping at The Scottish Deli located on the main street. Serving not only great selection of food and wine, including meals to take away but also started to offer a places to sit and enjoy at evenings! They also have a great event just started celebrating the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau 2017 with a special French menu.

See more details on their website - link here

For those who are working all weekend, are already quite busy or simply wish to just read something good, have a look at this magazine, Outdoor Enthusiast and it's online, free version:


There are some epic challenges people have undertaken recently, great stories and a nice article about Perthshire as well. Worth the read.

Stay tuned for the next weeks #FridayToGo and read about llamas, Picts and cycling!

Have a great weekend ahead! Keep exploring and if you not sure what to do, just give us a call!

Piotr, Outdoor Explore

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